MNS 2015 – Multidisciplinary Brain Science

The 2nd Annual Meeting of Mongolian Neuroscience Society entitled “Multidisciplinary Brain Science” was successfully held on August 28 – 30 in Ulaanbaatar. This meeting has provided the impetus for the development of brain science in Mongolia by giving an opportunity to gather more than hundred specialists with many different but related backgrounds at once under the umbrella of brain science. Besides Mongolian Neuroscience Society as the main organizer, the Mongolian Society of Psychiatry, Mongolian Neurosurgery Society, Mongolian Society for Epilepsy, and Mongolian National Center for Psychology have participated as co-organizers, and Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences was the main partner and sponsor of the meeting. The opening ceremony, held at Corporate Hotel and Convention Center, was opened by the President of the society, Dr. Damdindorj followed by the current Minister of Education, Culture, and Science, Dr. Gantumur, the Department Head of the Ministry of Health and Sports, Dr. Oyunsuren, and the President of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Batbaatar.

A designated global leader in neuroscience, Dr. Keiji Tanaka – the Chairman of IBRO/APRC, the President of Japan Neuroscience Society, and Deputy Director of RIKEN Brain Science Institute, has given a plenary lecture about recent advances in brain science, IBRO, and APRC. He has also given an interview about neuroscience to the public on a famous TV show and a plenary lecture to high school students, and he has significantly raised the awareness of neuroscience at a lobby meeting with some key decision makers. We are most thankful to him for his great contributions to the development of neuroscience in Mongolia. Dr. Toshihiko Yada – Professor at National Institute of Physiological Sciences and Jichi Medical University, and who has kindly educated a dozen graduate students from Mongolia in neuroscience, has introduced the mechanisms of energy metabolism and feeding behavior in his plenary lecture.

The special lectures which provided the most updated information that covered the current areas of particular interest in brain science were made by extraordinary talented principal investigators, Dr. Masanori Murayama, Dr. Jong Cheol Rah, and Dr. Kea Joo Lee, at RIKEN Brain Science Institute and Korean Brain Research Institute. These special lectures were made possible by IBRO/APRC Lecturer Exchange Program, and we are very grateful for this support.

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Interview of Dr. Keiji Tanaka on DeFacto Show – here (Youtube)

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