Through our projects, we provide neuroscientists, who have no specialized institute, center or even lab in Mongolia, opportunities to keeping pace with the advances in brain science by organizing annual meetings, workshops, and schools  – and we will establish the first ever Brain Research Center to empower them with sustainable means as well as to encourage the next generations of Mongolian neuroscientists.

If you want to specify what your donation is used for, please choose the following options below and describe it on the donation form.

– Unrestricted Gift
– Honored Public Lectures on Brain Science: Goal $20,000
– Brain Research Center Project: Goal $45,000
– Annual Meeting: Goal $20,000
– Young Scientist Development School: Goal $10,000
– Research Grant-In-Aid: Goal $30,000

Mongolian Neuroscience Society guarantees that donations are used in an efficient and transparent way in the only interest of its project beneficiaries. Funds provided by donors are carefully invested to maximize return for project activities. Donors will be kept informed about project developments on a regular basis.

Credit cards:

Bank Transfer:

Bank name; address: Khan Bank LLC; Ulaanbaatar 17010, Mongolia
Bank account: 5003840065 (Regular, US Dollar)
Beneficiary’s name: Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren
SWIFT code: AGMOMNUB, CHIPS UID Number: 104939

Correspondent Bank:
National Bank of Canada
600, Rue de La Gauchetiere, Oest Bureau 500, Montreal (Quebec), Canada
H3B 4L3

To the order of :
Mongolian Neuroscience Society
Zorig street 3, Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia


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