Primary researchers

Damindorj Boldbaatar MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Jambaljav Jamiyansuren MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Darambazar Gantulga MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Enkhsaikhan Lkhagvasuren MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Bayasgalan Tumenbayar MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Affiliated researchers

 Ganbat Atarsaikhan Ph.D. (read more…)

Shine-Od Dalkhsuren MD., Ph.D. (read more…)

Core Lab of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

Currently, most of our researchers who belong to Neuroscience and Brain Research clusters at the MNUMS are able to use all the state-of-the-art technologies installed recently at the university. The following equipment are available:

  • Confocal light microscope combined with Live cell Techonology (CorrSight, FEI, USA)
  • Scanning electron microscope (Quanta SEM, FEI, USA)
  • Implantable telemetry system (Physiotel, DSI, USA)
  • Real time-PCR (CFX96, Bio-Rad, USA)
  • Gene sequencing system (QuantStudio 7 Flec System, Applied Biosystems, USA)
  • HPLC (Nexera X2, Shimadzu, Japan)
  • Mass Spectrometer (LCMS, Shimadzu, Japan)
  • Other general lab instruments etc.

telemetry CorrSight IMG_6984 cryostat IMG_7166 IMG_7067