Apply for membership


Everyone who is active in a field of neuroscience or in a related field can become a member. The application form should be sent together with the recommendation of two members to the office of the Mongolian Neuroscience Society. The annual fee for full members is ₮60 000/year, and ₮30 000/year for students, unemployed or retired members.

Membership offers the following advantages:

  • A reduced registration fee to the annual meetings
  • Eligibility for a stipend for the annual meeting
  • Regular info-mailings from MNS
  • Easier access to training courses
  • A free subscription to the journal The Journal of Integrative Neuroscience

Honorary members are proposed by the committee and elected by the general assembly with a 2/3 majority. The council is entitled to propose key figures who have special merits in neuroscience research. Honorary members have the same rights as ordinary members.