Report – MNS2017

Report of the 4th Annual Meeting of Mongolian Neuroscience Society

(Multidisciplinary Brain Science – MNS 2017)


The 4th Annual Meeting of Mongolian Neuroscience Society entitled “Multidisciplinary Brain Science – MNS 2017” under the auspices of the Minister Dr. Tsogtsetseg Ayush at the Ministry of Health was successfully held on September 15 and 16 in Ulaanbaatar. This meeting facilitated significantly the development of brain science in Mongolia by bringing together more than hundred specialists in the fields relevant to brain science including neuroscientists, physicians, and psychologists at once under the umbrella of brain science. Mongolian Neuroscience Society as the main organizer and the Mongolian Society of Psychiatry, Mongolian Neurosurgery Society, and the Mongolian Society for Epilepsy as co-organizers have arranged this meeting together. This meeting was supported by the Ministry of Health, the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, and IBRO. Ichmon Hotel, Denk Pharma, Shine Delbee, IMI, and NamBridge were main sponsors of the meeting.

The opening ceremony, held at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Health, was opened by the President of the Society, Dr. Damdindorj Boldbaatar followed by the current Minister of Health, Dr. Tsogtseteg Ayush, the Consultant of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports, Dr. Tsolmon Jadamba, the President of the Mongolian Academy of Medical Sciences, and the President of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Batbaatar Gunchin, and the Director of the National Center for Mental Health, Dr. Nasantsengel Lkhagvasuren.

This meeting provided scientific lectures on neuroscience and neurosurgery by invited lecturers from abroad including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, and Taiwan. Not only national experts in neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and psychology have presented their recent data, but also young scientists graduated in developed countries had an opportunity to introduce their study results at the meeting. We have also organized a meeting with policymakers such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports during the meeting. TV and radio interviews, as well as live broadcasting in social media about the meeting and brain science, were successfully held throughout the period. As for public events, we have organized a session on Brain Bee Competition to inspire high school students to neuroscience and a session on theoretical concepts of Alternative Medicine for the audience.

For the first time of its kind in Mongolia, this meeting has offered a Child Care Service that included a full-time professional child care for children with an age range of 2 years to 6 years old during the entire period of the meeting for 2 days, for our society members and meeting participants. This service was provided by the generous support from the Asian-Pacific Regional Committee of International Brain Research Organization (IBRO-ARPC).

Special lectures which provided the most updated information that covered the current areas of interest in brain science were introduced by the following invited lecturers. Dr. Ikuo Tooyama, Director and Professor of the Molecular Neuroscience Research Center at Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan, who has kindly educated graduate students from Mongolia in neuroscience, has introduced the new agents for diagnostics and therapy of Alzheimer’s disease in his plenary lecture. Dr. Yu-Min Kuo, Dr. Shun-Feng Tzeng, and Dr. Po-See Chen from National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan, have presented their research on neural mechanisms underlying metabolic disorders. Dr. Vadim Byvaltsev, Head and Professor of the Department of Neurosurgery at Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia, has presented his works on diagnostics and therapy for tumors in the spine and spinal cord. Talented young principal investigators, Dr. Muzaimi Mustapha from Universiti Sains, Malaysia, Dr. Hyungju Park from Korean Brain Research Institute, South Korea, and Dr. Ivan Stepanov from Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia, have introduced their recent advances in brain science to the audience. These special lectures were partially made possible by IBRO-APRC Lecturer Exchange Program, and we are very grateful for this support.

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